about us

Our Head Coach, Natalia Svensson, is internationally certified Fitness Coach with exten-sive personal and professional experience in the fitness industry and specialisation in bodybuilding and physique transformation. Certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA), she holds multiple other certifications in exercise and sports nutrition. Trained under leading experts in the field, Nat sees continuing education and growth as a crucial part of her job.

Living as she preaches, Nat understands the many challenges that her clients are facing working towards their fat loss or muscle building goals.

You probably have some idea of the body that you want for yourself. You are willing to put in the work, but you know that you do better when there is a guiding hand there to help you out. That is where we come in. We take a holistic approach to fitness, and show our clients how they can optimise all the effort that they are putting in, improving nutrition, lifestyle habits, recovery, and hormonal health. Each and every one of these variables counts, especially if you are getting into building the best physique of your life.

Your best health and your best body are both possible, and you can achieve them in a way that is sustainable. Nat can point you in the right direction and make you accountable! Are you ready to get to work?